Germany Sunday Shopping Days 2016

Germany Shopping Dates 2015

Germany Sunday Shopping Days 2016 – a list-up There are more than 360,000 shops, supermarkets, shopping malls, stores etc. in Germany. Sadly, Germany does not have any convenience stores, and practically any shops open on Sundays. The good news is that the German Shop Closing Law (Ladenschlussgesetz), first enacted on 28 …

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Japan’s Inbound Tourism and German Visitors

visit Japan

Japan’s Inbound Tourism and German Visitors by the Numbers. Did you know? Around 600,000 Japanese visit Germany every year. How many Germans visit Japan per year? 126,000 people only. And how many North Americans visited Japan in 2014? Over one million. More than 2.5 million Chinese travelled to Japan last …

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Love Asian Food? In Berlin? Here is the Right Place.

Asian Food in Berlin

Berlin is a city with a large Asian/Vietnamese population and offers many choices for Asian groceries shopping. More than 15,000 Vietnamese live in Berlin, and around 8,000 Chinese, 3,700 Koreans and 3,400 Japanese. The eastern District of Berlin – Lichtenberg – is the center of the Vietnamese community (some 9.000 …

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